Chivado's Journey

Our project, and our mission!

Our tireless commitment goes to support restaurateurs, because they are key pillars of our communities, lifeblood for our social life and our high streets too


Founder & CEO

Chivado was born during the most challenging time that we can remember with the strong ethical objective to support our communities by protecting the vital role that restaurants play in our lives.

When the 2020 pandemic broke out and pushed the hospitality industry to the edge of a total collapse, we couldn't bear to watch a significant part of our identity swept away, with us sitting idle.

Pioneering the restaurant revolution

We created the first social food marketplace that sides with restaurant owners and their customers to lead the restaurant revolution and free the hospitality industry from the unsustainable costs of digital platforms.

So, what is different with us?

While the existing digital marketplaces charge restaurants up to 40% commission fees, with us your payment goes entirely to your favourite restaurants, allowing them to give you better prices and to re-invest more budget into the community

We don’t replace restaurants with their customers: we believe your direct relationship with the restaurant is very important, and we highly encourage it and defend it, by allowing you both to communicate directly, freely, and openly. This way, it is easier for you to build your loyalty with your favourite restaurants, and they can finally reward you as they wish.

Restaurants are a stronghold of our local communities

The restaurant industry fosters regional job growth, supports local agriculture, and keeps your hard- earned money in your community. When you choose to dine at a local business, you generate almost four times more economic benefits for your town. Local restaurants are also an impactful gathering place for our high streets, they keep them safe and are the places where relationships form and memories are made.

Restaurants create jobs

Restaurants make your town richer

Restaurants bring people together

Restaurants boost local agriculture

Restaurants make our streets safer

Restaurants are fun!

Our movement is open for you to join and enrich our journey!

As small as it might look like, your choice to adopt Chivado as your preferred marketplace can make the world a better place for everyone!

Join Us On Chivado!

Meet the team

Chivado was lucky enough to grow from the very beginning with daring, passionate and tirelessly purposeful people with prestigious backgrounds.

Our dedicated team is located all around the world, with equal ambitions and complementary experiences and qualifications. We promote the urgency of an ethical and sustainable business model for our digital food services. Together, we can work towards a wealthier local community.

Our core values


It is not what you do that matters, but the memory it leaves. If it's not memorable, what did you do it for?


We value the story of us all, in our identity and our diversity, and we are eager to share it!


The small choices of each make everyone's tomorrow. This is why we always consider them big.


We are not afraid to disrupt all the balances in the industry as we know it; so we do it.


We take pleasure seriously and face any challenge with the powerful weapon of fun.


We are born to be sociable. And that's really it: wine, beers, a few slices of pizza, some good friends, and the miracle of food to bring people together. That’s the Chivado way.